About JDC West

JDC West is the most prestigious undergraduate business competition in Western Canada, hosting 1,300 attendees and uniting over 650 delegates from twelve premier post-secondary institutions each year. Over the course of three days, students from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba showcase their skills in the academic, athletic, debate, and social aspects of the competition. JDC West would not be possible without the support of almost 400 volunteers and dozens of professional partners who bring this elaborate and multi-faceted competition to life.

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We foster the personal growth and professional development of students by providing the foremost Canadian undergraduate business competition.


We are a catalyst for our participants to achieve their potential in their careers and in their communities.


We are excited to explore our Triumph through Perseverance together, once again for an In-Person JDC West.


Academics Competition

Academics is at the core of JDC West, with competitors in ten academic disciplines. Each academic discipline sees teams of three undergraduate students from each competing university analyze a business case specific to their discipline. For each case, competitors have only three hours to review the facts and prepare for their presentations to the judging panels of industry professionals, professors, and content experts.


Debate Competition

JDC West features a parliamentary debate competition, with each school fielding a team of four students to compete. For each debate, competitors are given thirty minutes to review the proposal and come up with their constructive arguments around the proposed resolution. Keeping true to the parliamentary style of debate, one team is designated as Team Government and the other as Team Opposition.


Athletics Competition

Each year, the host school selects two unique sports for participating schools to compete in. Each competing co-ed team consists of eight individuals. Additionally, competing schools designate four academic competitors (two each day) as alternates in the event a member of their athletic team must no longer compete.

At JDC West 2023, athletics delegates will compete in Ultimate Football and Tchoukball.


The Challenge

The goal of The Challenge is to be an accessible format for all business students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained through their academic and extra curricular pursuits, and continue to be the backbone of their team’s culture. Challengers will be tested on their ability to communicate, think critically and quickly, work as a team and of course their ability to complete both applied and culture challenges. Challenges will be created to reflect both business and culture based situations.

Community Involvement

JDC West is committed to giving back to communities across the country. Every year, the community involvement competition encourages participating schools to log volunteer hours and raise money for charitable organizations by working with external organizations and through our annual Chillin’ For Charity event.


Raised by JDC West participants since 2006


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