Together at JDC West 2023, let's achieve Triumph through Perseverance!

The past two years have been difficult – the global pandemic has forced us to stay home and we’ve avoided seeing friends and family, but the determination from the world has allowed us to begin to see the end of the pandemic. However, although it has been difficult, there is still success to be had. In some cases, families have been able to spend more time together, in other instances people have gained new hobbies, such as baking bread.

Throughout the past few years, people have been innovative. Working from home has become the norm, students of all ages and disciplines participated in online classes, and although it was difficult in the beginning, new methods have only made it easier. JDC West, having been held virtually in 2021 and 2022, is only one example of the immense success that has been achieved through creativity, influenced by the pandemic.

In 2023, JDC West aims to bring visionary minds together once again in one city to engage, build new connections, and keep the energy alive. And from that comes the JDC West 2023 theme of Triumph through Perseverance. Triumph through Perseverance seeks to remind competitors that success can be found no matter the circumstances, that in the world today persistence is key, and being creative can create opportunities that may have never been imagined before.

Theme Pillars


Resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from hardship, and after everything the world has faced during the pandemic, everyone has learned a bit about being resilient. Overcoming a challenge of any size, whether it be a global pandemic or listening to constructive criticism, is an important ability for all individuals, and something that many have practiced recently.


Success can be achieved through a person’s determination to persist despite challenges, and this internal motivation is an important characteristic for triumph. Determined individuals focus on a goal and make appropriate decisions to move themselves one-step closer to achieving their goal in each situation they face.


Taking advantage of an opportunity that has arisen can lead an individual to experience great success. Businesses can utilize opportunities to gain competitive advantages, students can utilize opportunities to learn new skills, and anyone can utilize an opportunity to try something new. The pandemic has also created new opportunities, such as creating a new market for a small business or giving individuals the ability to work remotely.