JDC West 2021 Theme

Innovation. A word that’s not new to any of us. Innovation has brought technological advancements, the birth of artificial intelligence, and the ongoing demand for automation.

But the importance of innovation extends far beyond what humans can develop, build and invent. This past year has taught us that more than ever, we as a global community need to innovate socially, culturally, and sustainably. We need to recognize the power of how we can innovate as a community to not only advance locally, but globally.

There is no question that we as humans can innovate. As we continue to advance and grow, achieving new goals at unprecedented speeds, the real question is: How can we use our strengths, smarts and abilities to innovate in order to make the world a better place?

The Age of Innovation asks competitors not to decide if they can use their power. It is to provoke thought in how we will use it to shape our future.